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5 Tips for Getting Featured on Redbubble

We’re privileged at Redbubble to host so many truly incredible artists as part of our creative community. If you’ve been reading the blog regularly, you’ll know we showcase a weekly Featured Artist who is making and selling exciting work on Redbubble. Also, we feature artists on our homepage “Found Feed,” and in various marketing campaigns. But how do we choose these featured artists?

Below are some tips we’ve compiled to help artists who might be new to Redbubble on how to tweak and change their shop pages and general presence on Redbubble to help get noticed. We’re all working together to try and get as many eyeballs on your artwork as possible, so please leave comments with your own valuable experiences about selling your work on Redbubble below.

"Repeated" Tote Bag by skitchism

1. Use your social buttons

On your Redbubble profile page, you have the option to use “share” buttons, which are nifty doodads that link your RB profile with a host of other social media profiles – like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your own personal website.

[tweet_dis]Utilizing social media buttons demonstrates you’re serious about your art career[/tweet_dis], and Redbubble is sincerely dedicated to artists who are passionate and committed to their work.

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"Skypath" iPhone 6S Case by James McKenzie

2. Fill out your bio

This might sound like a pretty basic tip, but filling out your bio on your profile page makes your profile appear polished and put together.

It indicates you’ve thought about how you, as an artist, relate to the wider creative community and gives us a chance to get to know a bit about you (which we absolutely love doing). Filling out your bio with a paragraph about what kind of artwork you create, where you’re from, where you’ve studied, where you work, and so on always looks great for your profile.

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"Art Angel" Graphic Tee by Stef Azevedo

3. Upload a range of artwork

Have at least 10-12 artworks available on Redbubble that you’re super proud of and want to show off.

Make sure these artworks have also been made available for sale on a range of Redbubble products, and double check that your products look great (with no white patches or poor image placement). If you have more than 12 artworks, using the Collections feature also helps improve the quality of your profile and presence on Redbubble. You can use Collections to be creative with how your artwork is presented, or divide them up by medium or theme.

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"Solution" T-Shirt by Tomek Biniek

4. Be socially engaged

If you’ve got a big Instagram presence, be sure to hit up @Redbubble and the artist-focused @Redbubblecreate. On Facebook, share, like, and promote your work on your own public artist page. On Twitter, we love sharing the work of our artists and customers. Redbubble values community and engagement, and if we can see by clicking through from your social buttons on your profile that you’re regularly tagging us in Insta posts, for example, it adds to our understanding that you’re an artist who’s keen to get involved with us.

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" Like a Lost Memory" Throw Pillow by Cayton Cox

5. Be creative and have fun with it

Lastly, try and be creative with how you present your work through collections and products, and have fun with engaging with the Redbubble community. We’re always ready to start conversation in our comments section. Redbubble really does have an expansive and friendly community of creative people who are excited about amazing designs and photos. By having fun and building your Redbubble presence in a way that feels right and engaging for you, you’ll be sure to make friends and enjoy our community. [tweet_dis]Fine-tune your shop, play around on social media, share your work in progress[/tweet_dis] shots with us, and comment regularly on our blog posts.

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Do you have any tips that helped you with self-promotion on Redbubble? Let us know in the comments below.