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Kinetic and Motion Typography

Kinetic typography is just a fancy way of saying ‘moving words’ or animated words that illustrate. Ever since legendary designer Oliver Harrison stepped out with his beautifully inventive kinetic typography work in 1988, the worlds of design and animation have fallen in love with this ingenious and playful medium. We’ve searched high and low to find the best animations – ones designed specifically to inspire and delight. And if you’re feeling particularly swept up by all the movement, click on the last image in this post to be teleported through to a kinetic typography tutorial.

1. The First Kinetic Typography film: Oliver Harrison 1988

2. Typography from Ronnie Bruce, poem by Taylor Mali

3. ALPHABETIC made by Ariel Costa with sound by Marcelo Baldin

4. Day’O Typography by Julien Loth

5. 29 Ways to Stay Creatuve by TO-FU Motion Graphics and sound by Kämmerer

6. Make it better by Climent Canal, Sebastián Baptista & sound by Aimar Molero

7. New Year Philosophy #5 by Jonathan Mckee, poem by Inua Ellams

8. Ira Glass on Storytelling by David Shiyang Liu

9. The Alphabet 2 by n9ve and team

10. You Are Not So Smart – Book Trailer by Plus3 Productions

11. Typographic Animation by celinebouchez

12. Futura Le Specimen Anime by Thibault de Fournas, Christopher Wilson and Michel Wlassikoff.

13. Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography – Language by Matthew Rogers

14. Fight Club – Chemical Burn Kinetic Typography by Sebastián Jaramillo

15. Kinetic Typography Tutorial by Jesse Rosten

Want to learn to make your own? The above tutorial by Jesse Rosten’s animation has a snazzy introduction demonstrating the skills he’ll show you how to do, he defines it well and goes into immense detail. You’ll need Adobe After Effects and a small trailer load of patience. Click to GO!