Giving Your Right Brain a Regular Workout

Featured Artists

Piece of the Freak: ‘Leap of Faith’ by Budi Satria Kwan

A zombified Halloween treat.

Featured Fearful Artist: Astrosim

We chat about the freaky heads of this talented illustrator.

Featured Fearful Artist: Michael Bombon

"It's fun to be thrilled, to be taken out of your element."

Piece of the Week: ‘Goatowls’ by zuzannakrolik

Proud animal hybrids.

Featured Artist: The Crisp & Cool 3D Art of Cezar Brandao

"A mix of the perfect and the unrefined."

Piece of the Week: ‘English House’ by Stirpel

Join us as we float far out to sea.

Piece of the Week: ‘Life’ by LFurtwaengler

A work that makes you ponder.

Illustrators Australia President Jody Pratt Talks Wear Art Thou

Jody talks IA, Wear Art Thou, and myths about illustrators.

Piece of the Week: ‘The Desert’ by Essi Kimpimaki

We're hanging out with a lone wolf.

Piece of the Week: ‘Big Ez’ by Cammiller

Featuring a cool bear with a tat on his paw that says, "L. I. F. E."

Featured Artist: AParry Talks Her Noir-Inspired Work

Join us for a dark discussion.

Piece of the Week: ‘The Middle Of Nowhere’ by Alex G Griffiths

Come inside.

Featured Artist: Changing Gears with Alwaysloved Clothing Co

"Keep doing what you love."

Piece of the Week: ‘City’ by Yiannisun

Check this psychedelic-urban-triphop-streetscape.

Piece of the Week: ‘Hart’s Mill West’ by David Kennett

How do we remember places through drawing?

Featured Artist: The Up-Cycled Work of David Irvine

Welcome to David's world.

Piece of the Week: ‘Circles’ by Ryan Humphrey

A maddening display of raw power.

Show Us Your Space: The Subtle Studio of Sofia Bonati

Welcome to Sofia's light, bright studio.

Featured Artist: Jon Hodgson’s Realist Fantasy

An illuminating chat with a humble and down-to-earth craftsman.

Piece of the Week: ‘Crazy Cat Man’ by Nouvellegamine

"Crazy Cat Man" is in fact, flat-out crazy.

Piece of the Week: Cezar Brandao’s ‘Twins’

Cezar Brandao creates the organic from pixels and processors.

Featured Artist: Talking Dreamlike Landscapes with James Fenner

"...a lot of what inspires me are those landscapes and the solitude that comes with them."

Piece of the Week: ‘Spirits of the Lake’ JMFenner

Like a story you’d find in some lost illuminated text.

Featured Artist: Alex G. Griffiths Discusses His Darkly Magical Illustrations

"Keep on putting your work out there, getting feedback, and always try to improve."