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Thunderbirds are go! No, really. You can now get your art inspired by this classic British series officially licensed for sell on Redbubble.

Cars and boats and rockets, oh my! Both the original and revamped series follows a life-saving organization with pretty sweet tech and decked out automobiles allowing them to save lives on land, in the air or sea, and even in space. Nice! Oh, and the original is done entirely with puppets, which is rad.

Two for the price of one!

Follow the artist guidelines found here and for the classic here.

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Some Ideas to Get You Started

by Daletheskater

Spacey John by rosierose3131

by rosierose3131

The Team Together by artisticrainey

by artisticrainey


  • Sci-fi, puppets, Gerry Andersen, drama, heroes, technology, rockets, vibrant colors, the 1960s, revamp, vehicles, secret organizations, clever one-liners, action.

Other Inspo:

“Who will rescue the rescuers?” -The Hood

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