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Orphan Black

Hold your genetically modified horses! You can now create officially licensed art for the breakout Canadian sci-fi thriller, Orphan Black. The clones are coming!

ICYMI, the show follows a group of identical women who discover they are clones as a shady organization involved in their creation tries to wipe them out. What follows is a roller coaster of identity theft, cultural clashes, moral quandaries, and sciencey mumbo jumbo. So put on your creative caps and give the clone club fans something to whisper about!

Follow the artist guidelines found here.

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Some Ideas to Get You Started

by Mandrie

by Mandrie

CloneClub Nouveau by Jess-P

by Jess-P

Property of Dyad by vonplatypus

by vonplatypus


  • SciFi, clones, quotes, emotions, watercolors, the sisterhood, assassins, vibrant or earthy colors, science, witty, silhouettes, fonts, typography.

“Is this the part when 20 more of you Robot B@#$ walk in?” -Sarah



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