Bloggers’ Bliss: Art in Motion in the Wild

One of the biggest components of putting art into motion is the people who bring life to the amazing art on Redbubble’s products. We sent some of our favorite pieces from our new street style line to several brilliant ladies across the web and asked them to style them their way, showing us how they transform their lives into Art in Motion.

From a cosplayer to the inventor of a fashion app, these inspirational style gurus mixed our scarves, pencil skirts, tops, and studio pouches with their own favorite accessories to create some stunning looks.

Take a cue from these badass women to make your life a work of art.

Avant Garde

We needed a real innovator to head up the Avant Garde style category. Much more than a pretty face (check out those cheekbones, hello!), Amy Roiland is a curator of vintage and modern clothing and is the talent behind the style and travel blog A Fashion Nerd. And not only that—she’s also the mastermind behind the Shazam-like app for fashion, FashionTap. This photographer, stylist, and entrepreneur is constantly using her genius to create stunning ensembles.

 Geek Nouveau

Heading up the Geek Nouveau style category, this gregarious geekster goes by the alias Skydart, loves pizza, pups, gaming, and cosplaying as the coolest characters. YouTuber Chloe Dykstra produces and co-hosts the web series Just Cos for the Nerdist Industries’ YouTube channel and acts as a cast member of the SyFy show Heroes of Cosplay. You can find her nerding out in the weirdest show (her words), Pizza and Porn, and in her vlog, Cool Story Chlo!

Soft Grunge

Representing the sassy, always-somewhere-in-between girls of the Soft Grunge style category, YouTube sensation and gamer ClaraBabyLegs is a little edgy and a lot sweet. Clara’s soft grunge persona is complimented by her cotton-candy hair and brooding styling choices. Whether she’s live-streaming Minecraft, updating her breathtaking hair colors, or vlogging funny product reviews, Clara’s edge is pretty rad—oh, and check out the adorable BabyLegs t-shirt her cousin designed for Clara on Redbubble!

Want to see more? Check out three more categories below—Free Spirit, Retro Revival, and New Romantic (we’ll be featuring them soon)!

Which style inspires you? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

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Jen Durant

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