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Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock is a globally recognized name that’s synonymous with mystery and suspense. One of the most praised and influential filmmakers of all time, he directed iconic films like The Birds, Vertigo, and Psycho. He pioneered memorable and fascinating characters, plot lines, and camera angles, and his films continue to make top all-time films lists from AFI to IMDb.

So many of these elements lend themselves to being transformed into creative designs that capture the essence of drama. From the unsettling creepiness of Norman Bates to the beautiful setting of Bodega Bay shattered by a flock of birds, HitchcockÔÇÖs films are a perfect source of inspiration.

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“Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.” -Alfred Hitchcock

Some Ideas to Get You Started

Alfred Hitchcock Hitch The Birds by Pepe Psyche

by Pepe Psyche

Bates Motel Employee by livtees

by livtees

North by Northwest by A Deniz Akerman

by A Deniz Akerman


  • Suspense, black & white movies, classics, drama, noir, psychological, thriller, crime, Cary Grant, early Hollywood, icon, silhouette, mysterious, dark colors, detective, greed, betrayal, contrasts, overlays, posters, famous quotes, falls, windows, stalking, birds.


Other Inspo:

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