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Alfred Hitchcock Fan Art: Design Inspiration and Guidelines


Good evening. We hope you’ll excuse us if we seem a trifle excited, but we have some thrilling news. We’ve partnered with Reeder Brand Management so that you can create and sell officially licensed Alfred Hitchcock fan art on Redbubble. 

Works by Atomic Brain, Lambs and Wolves and Monomagic 


Recap: What is the Redbubble Partner Program?

Redbubble’s Partner Program is an ongoing program that allows fan artists to create new, officially licensed works and post them safely on Redbubble, without fear of future takedowns. If you’re unfamiliar with the Partner Program, read these links first: 

Alfred Hitchcock Guidelines

Before you get started, please take some time to read through the brand guidelines. There are a few details you’ll need to be aware of to ensure your design has the best chance of being licensed. We’ve highlighted some key points below but make sure you’ve checked all the details before you start creating.

  • Alfred Hitchcock trademarks are available to download from the guidelines page
  • They can be used in your works, but please don’t use them alone or outside of Redbubble
  • Please don’t use screenshots or imagery taken directly from a film in your design
  • Do a little research to make sure your ideas are unique and haven’t been done before
Works by Kinographics, Pepe Psyche and Part Studio 


How to Submit Your Work

Tagging your work with Alfred Hitchcock and AlfredHitchcock will automatically flag the design for review and you may see a notification that your work is temporarily suspended. We’ll notify you by email as soon as your work has been reviewed.

When you’re uploading your work, make sure you include Hitchcock in the title so people can easily find it. And when you’re tagging your work, don’t forget to add other relevant tags like:

Film titles: Vertigo, Rear Window, Rope, Psycho 
Norman Bates, Marion Crane, Judy Barton, John Ferguson
Objects and symbols: Crows, Birds, Knife, Binoculars, Stairs

Best practice for tagging on Redbubble is to aim for around 15 relevant keywords. Check out our post on The Art of Tagging for more tips.

Works by Jeremy Couturier, Leah Saulnier, and Cale Lobba


Design Inspiration and Resources

If you’re looking for inspiration, a Hitchcock film night is a great place to start. Why not grab a pen and paper and draw while you revisit some of the classics? Characters, iconography, and recurring themes are a great source of ideas. You could create a tribute to your favorite character or your own take on a movie poster. Think about classic scenes, memorable quotes, or even some of the visual techniques he famously used in his films. You’ll also find plenty of inspiration online. Here are just a few articles to get you started:

15 Fascinating Facts About Alfred Hitchcock | Mentalfloss
Alfred Hitchcock, Designer | Printmag
From Vertigo to Psycho, how Hitchcock changed the role of architecture in film | Wallpaper
Art Matters podcast: how Alfred Hitchcock created artful suspense | Art Matters
Art of the Title – The Birds (1963) | Art of the Title

Are you a Hitchcock fan? Is there a Hitchcock film you’re obsessed with? How has he inspired your creativity? Let us know in the comments below. And we’ll be adding more exciting brands to our Partner Program soon. Keep an eye on our Current Partnerships page for the latest.



Header Image: Hitchcock’s Rear Window – Greenwich Village New York by Rui Ricardo

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