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Trending Themes to Inspire Your Holiday Designs

Artists, it’s your time to shine. To dream up unique seasonal creations that expand your portfolio and connect you with shoppers.

The holidays are a busy, joyful time of year for most people and they are turning to you for help. If you’re wondering what these consumers have in mind for their naughty and nice lists this year, we can help you out a bit.

Here are three themes shoppers are excited about this holiday season.

Deep Blue

by Vonik

by Suitsa

by Opifan

by Jeanalvarez

by Marketastengl

by Buko

by Carly Watts

Consumers are feeling blue. More specifically, deep blue.

This year we’re diving into a palette that includes indigo, cobalt, lapis, ultramarine, and midnight blue. Try using these colors to go deeper and add a bit of mystery to your designs.

Warning: copious PUNS ahead.

Midnight blues that make Van Gogh wanna indi-go crazy. From the deep sea to black holes and everything in between. Turn on soothing tunes like Eiffel 65’s, “I’m blue in da ba dee da ba da,” as you brush in those bluesy hues.

Shoppers are searching for blues like their lives da ba deepend on it.

Cafe Vibes

by Ballantynero

by KodaMorkovkart

by Catcoq

by A Grape Design

by Foto-Ella

by Dejafeutre

Coffee is always hot: and this holiday season is no exception.

Use this trend to espresso yourself. Although it’s the holidays, you want to create unique and thoughtful gifts all year long.

Try incorporating wordplay into your visuals by highlighting quotes from feminists, scientists, mathematicians, and other inspiring thought leaders. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a picture with words is worth publishing. Think about it.


by BirdSongPrints

by Amy Walters

by A Grape Design

by Michelledraws

by Miri-Noristudio

“Kawaii” is the Japanese word for cute. In case you missed that.

Whaii kawaii?

Because the people have spoken, and they want cute. Maybe your llama, sloth, dinosaur, grumpy cat, or ninja can don their cutest looks this winter.

Kawaii companions make perfect on-the-go gifts like stickers and phone cases. Who would turn down a super adorable throw pillow to cuddle up with in front of the space heater? Go forth and cute.

We hope this introduction to trending themes sparks your imagination and supports you through the holidays.

Happy designing!

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