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Important Times to Promote Your Work During the Holidays

We don’t want to alarm you but holiday shopping season is getting ever closer. According to the great oracle Google, many retailers start wooing would-be shoppers during the 2nd week of November. That’s just over a month away. So if you want to start planning ways to make the most of the holiday season on Redbubble, here are three important dates for your diary…

Smalldrawing, Hurry Up

Black Friday (November 22)

For those unfamiliar, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and signifies the “official” start of the holiday shopping season, although the truth is that many people start browsing and wishlisting as early as Halloween. On Black Friday, most bricks and mortar stores have “door-busting” sales which involve miserable shoppers lined up in freezing conditions, ready to injure each other for a cheap flat screen TV. Thankfully, things are much more civilized on the interwebs.

Black Friday is an important date to keep in mind when preparing your shop for this Holiday season because it’s pretty much the biggest shopping day in the universe. Redbubble offers deals on Black Friday that you can share with your customers. We can’t reveal our secret plans in advance but you can sign up for our emails or follow us on social media to be the first to hear about our offers.

Pro Tip: Most importantly, make sure you’ve got your latest work in your shop and ready for all those keen art lovers. In fact, we expect we might see things ramping up a week or so before Black Friday, so the earlier you have your shop prepared, the better.

Cyber Monday (November 26)

Remember a couple paragraphs back when we said that Black Friday was pretty much the start of all the madness? Well, this is quickly followed by Cyber Monday, an equally bonkers shopping day, except it happens completely online. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving in the US and is far more international than the mostly US-oriented Black Friday.

Pro Tip: We recommend adding your work to as many products as possible and taking the time to make sure designs are formatted correctly for those products. You don’t want to be the Grinch that ruined someone’s holiday.

The First Friday of December (7th)

Why is this day a popular shopping day? Well according to our somewhat trustworthy friend Google – no one is exactly sure. Coincidentally, it’s the time when international shipping deadlines start kicking in and people who haven’t been super organized realize they only have TWO WEEKS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS.

This is a great time to put a last burst of energy into some self promotion.

Pro Tip: We’ll be publishing our Last Order By Dates in the next few weeks so you can reference these to inform your self promotion efforts – i.e. let people know when it’s their last chance to get that incredibly original iPhone X case for Uncle Dave.

How do you prepare your shop for holidays? Do you have a fine tuned plan or are you still uploading your new work in January? Any tips you can share with other artists? Let us know in the comments below.

Header: Retail Racer by Zomboy

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