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Create Some Good

We believe in the power of art and creativity. Whether it pleases one soul or changes the lives of many. Big words for sure, but we stand by them. You think so too? Perhaps we could join forces.

Introducing the Create Some Good project.

Pitch us a creative idea that could make the world better, and we might fund your project. As long as it involves art in some form (visual, digital, installation, etc.), you’re good.

Not an artist? No worries. Great ideas can come from anybody and anywhere.

Want to join us?Here’s How it Works

Submit an Instagram video (60 sec or less) pitching a project. Tag it with #createsomegood and @redbubble. Submit by August 19, 2018.

If our panel selects your project, we’ll fund it. We provide the platform and support, you manage the project.

We’ll hook you up with a camera so you can document everything (and provide support along the way). Your inspiring story will then be shared with millions.

What kind of ideas?Some Inspiration

Community based

Highlights an issue in a local community and gets people involved.

Social commentary

Discusses local or global issues in creative and imaginative ways.

Arts engagement

Allows for people to participate in the creation and sharing of art.

Surprising and fun

Creates joy or laughter by helping people see the world in a new way.

Important things to know

  • If chosen, you’ll receive up to $5000 (USD). 75% at the start, 25% once the project is completed.
  • You’ll need to document your project with videos and photos. And share that footage with us.
  • You’re required to post progress videos (30-60 sec) on Instagram at least 3 times throughout your project.
  • All videos, photos, and progress updates posted to social media must be tagged with #createsomegood and @redbubble
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Read our terms and conditions.



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