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Tips for Promoting Your Work in Bundles

If there’s one thing better than a new sticker or mug, it’s a whole bunch of stickers and mugs. This is what makes bundles so great. Fans can load up on new products, save some cash, and easily buy gifts for all those on their holiday list.

The products included in bundle pricing are throw pillows, mugs, stickers, kid’s clothes, greeting cards/postcards, spiral notebooks, hardcover journals, tote bags, studio pouches, art prints, art boards, and acrylic blocks. It’s hard not to get excited about bundles with that many savings. With that in mind, we have some tips for sharing the excitement with your fans.

Design in a Series

Designing in a series is not only a great way to tell a story with your work, but gives your fans a theme that they may wish to collect. Art boards are a perfect product for creating an affordable series of works, and with bundle pricing they’re even better.

If you have a series of works, or works you wish to offer in a bundle, it’s a good idea to create a new collection of these works in your shop. You can even connect the works together using links in the description.

Here are some reasons for promoting your work on art boards.

Create Variations

Altering your existing designs to create variants is a good way to offer your fans more options. While individual illustrations can easily be turned into patterns, the elements that make up patterns can often be turned into their own works.

New variations based on color themes and subtle changes in design elements, is also a good way to create work for bundles. The works seen here by littleclyde features the same design, Treehugger, but offers a Spring and Summer color variation.

Promote on Social Media

Now that you have some works designed for bundles, and new collections created to showcase them, it’s time to promote them to the world. Sharing your designs on social media is always recommended, and with our custom promotional templates this has never been easier.

Once you add your designs to the templates, create a new layer that provides details on the bundles. During the 2017 Holiday Design Challenge, bundle information is added to each new template released, however this is something you should do for mockup templates you create.


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