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4 Reasons to Promote your Art on Gallery Boards

We thought it would be a great idea to show a little extra love for our new gallery boards. Redbubble’s Product Team surveyed members of our artist community to help them design key aspects of the Gallery Board, and here are our top 4 reasons why we think you will love them too:

1) You can display your artwork in a series or collection. 

This great new product is an affordable way to display art as a series or collection, and is sturdy enough to be propped up or attached to a wall in a matter of minutes.

"Little Collection" by Amy Hamilton

"Fox in the Forest" by Daisy Beatrice

2) They’re Beautifully Textured 

Gallery boards are inspired by artist boards commonly found in gallery and design markets. The artwork is printed directly onto a watercolor textured board, and its structure is similar to watercolor paper that has been mounted to a 4-ply board.

Example of the thickness of gallery boards

3) They fit standard size frames

One of the best aspects of the gallery boards are that they’re standard sizes, meaning they should fit into any standard size frame. You or your customers can simply pick up a frame from your local department store, and providing their frames are exactly standard size (make sure you double check this!), your beautiful artwork will fit right in.

*Note: Frames from department stores can be subject to size variance.

4) They’re easy to sell and hang 

Each board comes individually wrapped in cellophane and comes with a set of 3m velcro tabs which allow the boards to easily be mounted to any flat surface, and even repositioned if you like.

The cellophane sleeves also mean they’re perfect for setting up at markets and design fairs (Comicon, anyone???), and it means your customers can browse your artwork without damaging it.



Packaging with added mounting tabs

"BAPHOMET" by Pete Katz

Extra Artist Tip:

When designing for gallery boards, artists can use our handy template to cover the entire canvas of the board or even add a border to the work. Here is some more detailed information, such as dimensions and template for gallery boards.

(Header image: ‘Lovesick‘ by Miss Katz)

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