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Samurai Jack

Woodblock painting meets Spaghetti Western turns deft comedy, Samurai Jack is an early 2000s cult classic from Cartoon Network. After a long hiatus, the sword-wielding wanderer is back and ready for your art based on the show to be officially licensed on Redbubble.

Samurai Jack blends action, adventure, and beautiful animation effortlessly into a tale that’s hard not to love. Whether it’s a harrowing battle, a bit of self-doubt or a question of magic, each episode keeps viewers on their toes. Unique character design, great story, and broad color palettes make Samurai Jack a wellspring of creative inspiration.

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Some Ideas to Get You Started

Black and White Shinobis by Sirkib

by Sirkib


Samurai by brucewayne24579

by brucewayne24579

Misty Marsh by DankAnk

by DankAnk


  • Adventure, fantasy, anime, Cartoon Network, Samurai, Aku, Samurai, Japanese, Magic Sword, Katana, Meadows, Scenery, Ancient, Time Travel, Gritty, Hero, Silhouette, Jingasa, Ninja, Ashi, Toonami.

Other Inspo:

“Your wordplay will not trick me, villain!” -Jack

The Great and Powerful by MedusaUndressed

by MedusaUndressed