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All your ad templates, now in one convenient location!

If you’ve been on Redbubble for a while, you’ll know we offer free downloadable Photoshop templates to help artists create amazing promotional images – featuring your own art – to share on social media. Templates for different products have rolled out at different times, so we’re collating them all here – and future templates will be added to this same list! So bookmark this page, download the templates, and start sharing your designs now. (Photoshop not your thing? Try our direct sharing images.)

Click on the product you need a template for below to start the download. By using these files, you agree that you possess the necessary rights to any content you use in connection with this file, including (1) company names and logos, (2) any person’s name or face, and (3) any words or images created by someone else.

Art Board Series
Coffee Mugs
Duvet Cover
Framed Art Special
Greeting Card Boxes
Holiday Card Bundle
Laptop Skins
Lightweight Hoodie
Men’s Premium Tshirt
Unisex Shirt
Wall Art (Canvas, framed, & metal prints)
Women’s Premium Tshirt Orbs & Women’s Premium Tshirt Model
Women’s V-Neck

Never used our templates before? Watch this handy instructional video, and scroll down for text instructions.


Start by opening one of the templates in Photoshop. As the templates rely on the use of Smart Objects, we suggest only using Photoshop unless you feel confident enough to use the templates in another image editor that can open psd files. Here’s a great list of alternatives.

Once you have the file open you’ll notice three layers starting from the top.

Main Design: This is the smart object that contains your artwork. This is the main layer you’ll be using.
Design Adjustments: This folder contains a copy of the smart object with some effects to help it fit the image.
Background: This the main image featuring the blank products.

In order to add your design to the shirt mockups, double click the thumbnail of the smart object in layer #1. A new window will popup that will allow you to add your artwork. Here you can place your design file—make sure to hide any layer you don’t want showing—adjust it to size and then save using CMD+S on a MAC or Control + S on Win. Now if you look at the template your design is on the shirt. From here you can add any text you like to the mockup and share on social media.

The laptop mockup works in the same manner but with a couple changes. When you edit the contents of the smart object you’ll notice a color fill layer. This is so you can change the color of the background when you add art for a laptop skin, hide it if you’re adding stickers. To add stickers, simply place each sticker to the smart object and save. When you go the mockup take a look at the ‘Design Adjustments’ folder (layer #2), there are two layers and you only want one to be showing. If you added a skin show/enable the ‘Design Mask – Skin’ layer, if you added sticker show/enable the ‘Design Mask – Sticker’ layer. The reason for this is the stickers layer will add the look of a printed sticker on the laptop.

That’s all. Hope you have fun and we’re excited to see what you make!

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