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4 Bold Holiday Design Tips

You want to create the perfect holiday design. But how do you find inspiration? Everywhere you look you see the same topics and imagery repeated over and over.

Here is a simple rule: don’t follow the rules.

To Cliché or Not to Cliché

Christmas trees and gingerbread cookies are great, but cacti and pizza are also great options. People come to Redbubble looking for original ideas that are fun, adorable, smart, or even weird. Think about this when creating your next design.

Start by asking yourself a few questions. Like what holiday design would someone who enjoys heavy metal buy? Would a gamer fancy something different? What about your food-loving followers?

Keep your fans and buyers in mind. But don’t let it stand in the way of making truly unique and adventurous designs that capture your style.

by Jacques And Lise

by Hinem

by Daisy-Beatrice

The Sky’s the Limit

Who says pink and orange can’t be Christmassy colors? Playing around with color combinations can help your designs stand out from the crowd.

by Retrorudolphs

by wtrab8

by Madebyhorses

Think Local and Global

There is no end to the number of local and cultural traditions in the world. Why not try to incorporate those into your creations? While designing for the broadest possible audience is great, it is a good idea to consider how to appeal to smaller groups with designs that feel more personal.

If you speak more than one language, consider applying it here. Allow yourself to explore different cultures, places, or even foods that only people from your hometown know. Get creative with it.

by RebeccaMills

by Kjanedesigns

by LittleClyde

Experiment Away

Now is the perfect time to experiment with pixel art or trying that new software with a cool water-colors feature. Even if you have a specific style, it is always nice to play around with new forms and mediums.

by Teo Zirinis

by Soltib

by Cynthiafxo

Have more tips on creating original seasonal designs? Be sure to share them with us in the comments below.