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Tips for Designing Digital Stickers

One of the newest features in Apple iOS 10 is the introduction of stickers. Instead of using one of the pre-installed emoji icons during your conversations, you can now send artist created digital stickers. These stickers can be added to a conversation, or even peeled and attached to speech bubbles already existing in a message. While they function similarly to emoji, in that help express emotion and add to the overall conversation, digital stickers bring this interaction to a whole new level.

Sticker packs are available in the iMessage App Store and are sold in bundles. So, users can download a new sticker pack and express themselves in a creative way that fits their unique style. Below is an example of a sticker pack by Kim Vervuurt, you can see the stickers in use as well as how they are presented in a pack. You can see these stickers displayed in the App Store here.

Stickers by Kim Vervuurt

As digital stickers are a new and unique medium to share your art, we have some tips that will help you when creating new designs, especially if you are joining us in our Digital Sticker Challenge.

  1. Every new design submitted to the challenge will also be available as a vinyl sticker in your Redbubble shop, so when creating new designs keep in mind the various sizes your art will be offered in. Also, remember to submit stickers to your shop as a PNG with transparency.
  2. Think about how your stickers will be used in a conversation. Designs that convey reactions and emotions are ideal. Something that will add to the conversation, or could even be used in place of text. Remember, digital stickers are a visual way to converse with others.
  3. Looking at the iPhone examples above, you can see the stickers will be small on the screen. Keep this in mind and avoid adding too much detail or text that might be too small to read. When creating your art, in your image editor or choice, zoom out frequently to see how the stickers will look when smaller.
  4. When designing stickers, aim for a 1:1 ration. Designs that are too tall, or too wide won’t work as well.
  5. As the digital stickers will be primarily shown on a white iMessage screen, avoid using white or colors that will be difficult to see. This goes for vinyl stickers in your shop as well since they are printed on white vinyl.

Pro-Tip: We have a new digital sticker template that will help promote your stickers, and you can also use it to see how your stickers look in conversation. Get it here.

Make some new stickers and join us in the challenge

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