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Self-Promo Image Examples to Help Nab Last-Minute Shoppers

With the Holiday shopping season in full swing, and shipping deadlines sailing past us every day, promoting your work to those procrastinating extra thoughtful shoppers is super vital right now. Spreading the word about last-minute deals and promotions is easy on social channels when you’ve got a nifty visual way to display your goods.

Below, we’ve collected some very nice examples from Redbubble artists of how to share your work across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

One note: these sales may not be valid, we’re just using them as examples.

On Twitter, Carbine shares a promo code for a 20% off deal along with a great example of his work on a T-shirt. The black shirt on a black background proves to be nice and eye catching, especially when scrolling through a Twitter feed.


carbine on Twitter

For this Facebook promo, Kakel shows off how great her work looks on print, duvet, pillow, and tote bag along with a promo message. Perfect.

Kakel on Facebook

Francemsx keeps it simple by sharing a link, product shot, and message on Facebook. This definitely does the trick.

Francemsx on Facebook

Lifeanimated created an amazing custom piece to broadcast this 15% off promo on Instagram.

Lifeanimated on Instagram

On Twitter, Karin Taylor shows off four of her terrific tee designs to get the word out about this T-shirt promo:


Karin Taylor on Twitter

IRCbyAir shows off the wide range of products you can purchase featuring their photos along with a promo code and URL to their shop. They’ve got everything taken care of in one neat, little package on Twitter.


IRCbyAir on Twitter

In an upcoming post, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily make one of these lovely little promos so you you can spread the word about sales, deals, and more.

For more on promoting on social media, check out this FAQ and these posts on the RB Blog.

[Header image: “Christmas Snowman” by Terry Fan]

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