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Open Discussion: What’s the Biggest Lesson You Learned in 2015?

Faster than you can shout, “Trout on a bicycle, it’s nearly Christmas!” we’re facing the end of 2015. And now it’s time to simultaneously reflect on the year that’s ending while looking ahead to the glorious future that awaits us all. So let’s discuss something big we learned about our creative lives this year and see how we ride the momentum of those lessons into 2016 like a bunch of people who are really good at riding things skillfully. Like professional momentum riders. Is that a job? It should be.

"New Year's Eve" by LittleCloudShop

The biggest creative lesson I learned this year isn’t very glamorous but it’s been valuable. I learned that time management is an integral part to being a successful artist. It was an uncomfortable, but eventually exciting adjustment to make. It’s not sexy, but managing my days in the studio to be more productive has wildly improved in 2015. I shared some of these tips with you previously, so check them out if you haven’t.

One artist I know learned that accepting that they need to invest in good quality equipment was a big eye opener this year. Another artist said that understanding that design trends come and go but sticking with your own style is most important for creative growth. So what’s been the biggest development for you?

Let’s talk learnin’ in the comments below.