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iPhone 6 Cases Are Here So It’s Time To Start Promoting

As I’m sure you saw, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage from Apple HQ to announce the iPhone 6 and its bigger buddy iPhone 6 Plus.  So you know what that means, RB artists… it’s time to promote cases!

We’re taking pre-orders on cases starting NOW. The cases and phones themselves will start shipping on September 19.

If you already have your work available on phone cases, your designs will simply transfer over. So don’t fret about that. But if you’re feeling especially inspired, you might as well use this time to whip up some brand spankin’ new awesomeness in advance of the big launch.

It goes without saying that the iPhone 6 is going to be a monster product that will be on the minds (and in the mitts) of tons of customers, so now is a great time to really push your case designs on all your available channels – be it your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or personal blogs. Share your work far and wide because plenty of folks will be looking to individualize their new iGadgets by wrapping them up in wonderfully unique art, so that art might as well come from you, right?

Check out this FAQ for tips on designing and uploading your for an iPhone case.

And for tons of great advice on promoting your work on social media and elsewhere, hit up these blog posts.

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