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Artist Updates: Social Sharing Optimizations

When it comes to social media, sharing your Redbubble profile and artworks is a great way to gain more exposure and potential sales. In the spirit of adding new and exciting features like our cover photos and thank you messages, our latest update will help make your social media posts as engaging as the designs you’ve created.



"Don't Forget to Share" by Sophie Corrigan

Sharing your profile

Now, when you share your Redbubble URL on social media the preview image will be your profile cover photo, or your avatar if you don’t have a cover photo enabled. This is a great time to upload a cover photo or update your current one so that it not only looks good on mobile, but social as well. Here’s a helpful post on designing eye-catching cover photos.

Along with a new image, the social post will also include your ‘Short Bio’. You can update that section in your Account Settings. While the Short Bio section on Redbubble allows for 500 characters, 140 is best for these social media posts. In the example below, you can see Sofia Bonati’s cover photo and a nice short bio as if it were being shared on Facebook.

Sharing your work

Previously when you shared an individual work on social media, the preview image would be of the actual artwork. Now when you share an individual work the image is of the product you were viewing as you copied the link. In the example below we have a Women’s Relaxed Fit T-Shirt from resident artist Miss Katz. If we were sharing this product on a platform like Facebook, the title and description would be the same as on your product pages, so make sure to update these so they are ready for sharing.

All of these changes to link previews will work similar for all of the major social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, and even Reddit. We encourage you to give it a try and see how your profile and individual works look when shared.

Update your bio, titles and descriptions.
Have fun sharing your works and profile on social media.

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