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The Create-A-Monster Challenge

We want you to dive into the darker parts of your imagination to create a work featuring your very own monster. It can be fearsome, frightening, fascinating, furry, funny or just plain frickin terrifying.

It’s almost the creepiest, crawliest, spookiest, and freakiest time of year – Halloween. And here at Redbubble we’re celebrating by asking you frightening folks to design the baddest, most creative, most blood-thirsty (or not so blood-thirsty) monsters your twisted imaginations can spew forth.

Will you create an old god like Lovecraft’s iconic Cthulhu? What about a new classic that can stand beside Hollywood baddies Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, and Jason Vorhees? Maybe you’ll make a furry little fuzzball as cuddly as a character from a Pixar flick. Or maybe you’ll totally shock us by coming up with the most original, most terrifying, most amazing monster we’ve ever laid eyes upon; one that remains embedded in our minds and nightmares for all eternity (no pressure!). It’s completely up to you. All you have to do is make it your own and make it great! You don’t even have to create just one monster, you can send in a piece featuring a whole slew of monsters hanging out (or destroying cities or eating people or whatever) in some inventive monster world if your evil heart so desires.

The winner of the Monster Challenge will scare up $1000 plus some killer bonus prizes. The challenge begins today, September 6 and closes on September 30 at 5pm (PDT). So get to the doom-filled designing!

Good luck!

Click here for the complete rules and to submit your entry.