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Advice from RB Freelance Artists

Last month we shared some helpful advice from Redbubble artists who have taken the steps to dynamic full-time freelance careers. 

The idea of quitting your day job to have a meaningful and successful freelance career may make the knees wobble, so we’ve asked the experts for their advice on making the transition from employee to freelancer.

Read on for their words of wisdom.

UK-based designer and illustrator, DinoMike creates hilarious works from a piece of cake that’s ready for a fight or a cat that’s loved a bird to death. His freelance career started a few years ago when he fell into a bit of a rut working as a manager of a design studio. Read the full interview here.

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"Going freelance can be quite scary, so it’s best to give yourself as much of a safety net as possible. I’d recommend saving up at least enough money to last you six months if things don’t work out. If you’ve already got a job, use the evenings and weekends to work on freelancing, building a portfolio and clients. If it’s an option, go part time to give yourself, even more, time to freelance. Try to get an agency to represent you. They’ll take a cut and sometimes the money can take AGES to arrive, but they can find you work that would otherwise be out of reach. A huge part of freelancing is making contacts so always be polite and friendly, even if your client is an inhuman monster. Give yourself targets to hit each day, so that when you do, you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Stay positive and have fun. Your work will reflect that!" -DinoMike

German artist Catrin Welz-Stein (on Redbubble as catrinarno) creates beautiful, celestial works that offer a strong feeling of nostalgia. Catrin, who graduated from Graphic Design in Darmstadt, Germany has worked for many advertising agencies around the globe.

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"While doing commissioned work, I find it hard to keep up the high quality and creativity I can achieve when I work without pressure and limits. It is always a battle and I'm my strictest judge!" -Catrin Welz-Stein

Painter Janis Zroback’s passion for painting began when she was a child. Her paintings represent her experiences and the inspiration she finds in the world around her.

Janis lives in Canada where she’s taught art at the college level and has been featured in publications and on television. Her paintings can also be found adorning the walls of many homes.

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"Kurt Vonnegut once said the arts aren't a way to make a living, and even though he did go on to say that it makes our souls grow, for those still forced to cling to day jobs, his words carry a ring of truth. However for me, whatever the price, a career in the arts is the greatest way to experience the joy that life can bring and communicate that joy to others is my passion..... The most important advice I can give to anyone working on commission or doing freelance work is to value yourself.... Make it very clear to your clients that this is not a hobby..show them you are a professional, and provide a written contract..do not work for free and do not part with your sketches and proofs under any circumstances... If you have difficulty knowing how much to charge, it's actually pretty simple. Figure out how much you would like to earn per hour and multiply that by the hours worked, add the cost of materials and above all get a nonrefundable deposit." -Janis Zroback

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