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Featured Artist: Simon Sherry

Simon Sherry’s art is fuelled by muscle, metal and mayhem. If your recent art-scapades haven’t quite satiated your need for a motorbike, an impossibly muscle-bound hero, some sinister lightning and a battle axe so enormous that only said hero could wield it, perhaps you need a tour around this portfolio.

Simon began his journey in the world of academia, where he completed a degree in Arts and acquired some nifty pre-press skills while he was at it. From here, Sherry’s talent for illustration led him to the world of publishing, and subsequently to advertising. These days his work is created digitally and the artist favours some apps, such as Illustrator and Alchemy in a Mac environment. Other tools include his stylus and, of course, some metal pounding out of his speakers.

This highly diverse portfolio presents a variety of projects, including a collaborative one, Game of Kings, involving artists from around the world, and solo projects, such as the Full Deck series plus an upcoming project called ‘Heavy Angel’.

Along his journey, Simon Sherry has illustrated thousands of diagrams for textbooks, created comic book covers, produced campaign work for events such as the Spring Racing Carnival and the Royal Melbourne Show, shared gallery space with American fantasy art hero Frank Frazetta and, of course, dreamed up numerous chaotic worlds of his own. Take a tour… but bring your battle axe.

See Simon Sherry’s full portfolio here.