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Shipping Deadlines are Fast Approaching

Christmas is banging on our front doors and it’s getting impatient. It’s going to be standing in our living rooms any day now. But before we let it in, we need to make sure that we can get those important holiday sales finalized and in your customers’ hands in time for the big day.

Featured T-shirt: "Hungry Hungry Cat by by Budi Satria Kwan

In Redbubble land, production and shipping times vary depending on the product and where it’s shipped. So it’s a great idea to let your customers and fans know about these different times (or that there is a shipping cutoff coming) through all your social channels, personal blogs, and elsewhere so they don’t miss out on the opportunity to clothe, stick, hang, or sleep on your art.

This is especially important info to share when your spreading the word about those promo codes we’ve been dishing out lately. If you’re not up to date on that business, be sure to subscribe to our email list here.

A complete list of the dates that your fans should order products by can be found right here. Share that along with a link to your shop or specific product to keep everybody up to date.

But act quickly, since those dates are hurtling toward us.

For some nice examples from Redbubble artists of how to share your work across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter check out this post.

Click here for more on the best ways to promote your goods this holiday season and share your tips and tricks with your fellow artists in the comments below.

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