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Featured Artist: Roy Wilkins

Formal art schooling has been the starting block for many of the world’€™s most celebrated artists. Yet often the human brain, left to its devices, is a wonderfully fertile ground for original and remarkable work. Roy Wilkins, one of RB’€™s most prolific expressionists, is largely self-taught and could show us a thing or two about bringing mixed media together to create emotionally-charged artworks.

Wilkins was born in Greenwich, South East London, and moved to Australia in 1999. Not for the Sun, though: the artist chose Melbourne as his settling place. Upon arrival, he began working in the Heide Art Gallery, assisting with the preparation of exhibitions. Call it fate or what you will: Here he caught a glimpse of Albert Tucker’s collection and almost immediately committed himself to a life of pouring feelings onto canvas.

The artist draws influence from the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Albert Tucker and Jean De Buffet and also finds emotional input from music. He works primarily with acrylics, ink, spray paint and salt, combining these with collage, stencil and drawing techniques to bring you this fabulous collection of works. Roy Wilkins has had a number of solo exhibitions in Melbourne and had his work recognised in the form of awards including, among others, Best in Show at the Roberts McCubbin Art Show in 2009.


Your Driving Me


Daniel Johns

Bourke St at 2am

Sad Emoticons

Home Pride


Sad Emoticons: The Original

Tropical BloodyHell 2

Click here to see more work from Roy’s portfolio.

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