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Artist Updates: The New Artist Preview Card

We’re excited to announce a new update to your artist shop – the Artist Preview Card! The Artist Preview Card has been developed to help communicate who you are as an artist and to increase your visibility to customers who are browsing your shop. The Artist Preview Card will appear as the final preview image on a product page and will appear automatically, meaning one less thing for you to update!

Why did we make this?

We are passionate about reminding every customer that their purchase is making a difference to the lives of independent artists. Since previews are a very popular part of the buying experience for our customers, we felt it was appropriate to remind them what their purchase means for you.

Can it be optional?

At this time, the Artist Preview Card is not optional. Given the overwhelmingly positive results we have seen, we decided to roll this out immediately. We are always looking at ways to improve the experience for Redbubble artist and their customers, so will look into offering these options in the future.

Can more info be added?

To ensure that your customer’s focus is on your artwork and shops, we have opted to keep the Artist Preview Card as clean and simple, as possible.

How will this make a difference to me?

We’ve seen more customers buying your art and more customers return to Redbubble after they’ve seen the Artist Preview Card. We’re really excited to see the long-term difference this makes to your sales.

Have thoughts and comments about the new Artist Preview Card?
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(Header image: “Ice Cream” by Elisabeth Fredriksson)

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