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Featured Artist: Mitsi

Mitsi (Michelle Kral) is a shy rabbit – the kind you glimpse in the wild and yearn for a second look, but find it gone. …Or was it really there in the first place? You begin to doubt your eyes. Wait! There it goes again, darting between the trees: Perhaps the last peek you’ll have today. Fortunately, her art is a little less elusive. For this reclusive creature leaves behind a trail of brightly colored works for forest-lurking art fanatics to fill their binoculars, and their imaginations.

In many works, Kral’s subjects exhibit a kind of plain innocence. Nothing in the way of naivity – This is more a matter of honesty. It may be all that scurrying away mitsi does that allows her to capture a person’s (or other being’s) essence – that instant revealing truth on a subject’s face right before he/she hurries back into their own familiar burrow of pretense. In the absence of social smiles, jaws stiffened against tough circumstances and the myriad other veneers adopted by any one of us in a single day, Kral captures that moment of simply being.

Other works are aptly titled after thoughts, emotions and ideas that pass through this quietly creative mind. Not everyone is comfortable with pinning hearts to sleeves. Mitsi shows those less emotionally extroverted how art allows the expression of any thought or feeling that may otherwise remain forever hidden. In doing so, Michelle Kral favours vibrant mixed media, which we hope you’ll enjoy immensely. She is soon to launch her first solo exhibition in Philadelphia at which she will making a personal appearance over Skype. A rare glimpse. Thank heavens for the internet.