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Carbine’s ‘Space Grind’ T-Shirt Featured on ‘Modern Family’

On an episode of ABC’s Modern Family titled “Do Not Push,” the Dunphys took a trip to a local university to scout out a possible school for daughter Alex. During the trip, the dopier three members of the family, Phil, Haley, and Luke found themselves trapped in what they thought was some kind of Standford Prison-esque research experiment. It was a pretty solid episode of the crazily popular comedy, but what we noticed while watching the show was super exciting.  During the entirety of the episode, Luke wore a t-shirt featuring the design “Space Grind” by Redbubble artist Carbine and collaborator Bokien.

Awesome, right?

Check it out here:

Image via ABC.com

Carbine has been a Redbubble member since 2012 and over the years has been become a favorite of not only so many customers, but of the folks here at the RB offices. If you take a stroll through this portfolio, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out why.

We’re thrilled to see an artist as talented as Carbine get this kind of exposure and hope the zillions of viewers of the smash hit (and perpetual Emmy winner) flock to this shop to snatch up “Space Grind” and more of these expertly illustrated works.

You can pick up this design on a t-shirt, device case, throw pillow, tote bag, and more right here.

"Space Grind" by carbine

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