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Hell’s Kitchen

Are you an idiot sandwich? Of course, you’re not. You’re going to create some tasty officially licensed Hell’s Kitchen art on Redbubble.

For those who don’t know, Hell’s Kitchen is an intense cooking competition where contestants fight to win a head chef position. To come out on top, they must execute great dishes and tolerate Ramsay’s “motivational quotes.” Sit back, relax, and feel free to stress eat while you spice up your Redbubble shop with some Hell’s Kitchen fan art.

Follow the guidelines (and approval process stuff) found here.

And be sure to check back to see the other brands we’ll be partnering with. The current list is here.

Some Ideas to Get You Started

Black Jackets by Indestructibbo

by Indestructibbo

IT'S F**KING RAW by miselaineneous

by miselaineneous

yes chef tshirts by AidenEades

by AidenEades


  • Hell, flames, pitchforks, devil horns, and their opposites including angel wings, halos.
  • Also, cookery, utensils, cutlery, bowls, plates, chef’s whites, recipes and ingredients including pasta, bread, chopped vegetables, sauces, jams, spices.
  • You might even explore culinary disasters like burnt food, pans boiling over, dishes on fire, dropped food, food in the bin.

Other Inspo:


*The links above are just a bit of inspiration. Not all are from Hell’s Kitchen. Make sure to check the reference if you are using quotes 😉

**Although the quote “idiot sandwich” is iconic, it’s not directly from Hell’s Kitchen. Not good for use here.

And to those who miss this opportunity to create Hell’s Kitchen fan art… “(SIGHS) Forecast for tomorrow? 100% chance of tears.” -Gordon Ramsay


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