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Apply for the 2019 Redbubble Residency

Get paid to make art. Be part of a creative community. Learn. Grow. All the cool stuff.

Sound like a dream come true? Then Redbubble’s Artist-In-Residence program is for you!

If you had 6 months to take a personalized creative journey, what would that look like? Pitch us a project you’re passionate about. We want to know what inspires your artist’s heart to beat. Do you dream about creating a fantasy comic book? An avant-garde community mural? A children’s book on equality? A mind-blowing vlog series on post modern painting technique? We want to hear your ideas. Yes, yours!

In addition to your personal project, you’ll be hanging with Redbubble’s teams in Melbourne, Australia or San Francisco, California learning new skills, helping us with a variety of creative projects, and getting a behind the scenes view of one of the world’s largest artist marketplaces! Most importantly though, you’ll be inspiring our teams by facilitating an up-close-and-personal relationship with the independent artists we care so much about at Redbubble (you!). Oh! Did we mention the money part? Money is good…. Especially when it’s $3,000/month.

Two offices. Lots of opportunities.

Melbourne, Australia

Redbubble was founded in Australia, so Melbourne is our main HQ. This is where we work on all the behind the scenes coding and web design elements while researching new products for the Redbubble marketplace.
As a resident, you can:

  • Give input on choosing what new products should go onto Redbubble
  • Curate beautiful collections of artwork while looking at current trends
  • Learn how to code and make improvements on Redbubble
  • Make our workspace and office more beautiful and creative
  • Plan fun events which engage our teams
  • Or, whatever suits your fancy!

San Francisco, California

As the US homebase, this office focuses mostly on marketing, social, licensing, and customer service (although we also have engineering and logistics teams too). Here you can get super creative with a variety of campaigns and marketing platforms, work the frontlines with our customers, get to know new licensees, and see how folks go from ordering to receiving your cool designs. We’ve recently moved to a new space, so we’re anxious for your creative flair to help with the ridiculously fun task of decorating!
As a resident, you can:

  • Becoming a social media wizard
  • Work on set design and the other behind the scenes deets of campaign shoots
  • Design merchandise in conjunction with new licensing deals
  • Help us pimp out our new office space with your murals and flair
  • Make Redbubble a more inclusive space for all types of artwork
  • Or, decide on your own what you want your contribution to look like. For reals!

What’s next?

  • You’re ready to spend 6 months in either Melbourne, Australia or San Francisco, California. (Note: Any & all moving expenses are up to you.)
  • You have a well-thought out creative project which you’re prepared to work on for the length of your residency
  • You pitch us that project by Friday November 23rd 11:59 PDT
  • We review applications and get back to you
  • We have a nice chat and get to know each other
  • If accepted, you come work with us, get paid, and the fun and learning begins!

Read – Check out what the residency is all about, and know if you’re ready to spend 6 months in either Melbourne, Australia or San Francisco, California.

Submit – You come up with a creative project that you’d like to work on, and you pitch us that project by Friday November 23rd 11:59 PDT.

Accept – We review applications and get back to you if we love what you’re pitching.

Plan – If accepted, time to plan your 6 months of fun and learning!

Travel – Get on a jet plane, car, train, tram or walk even to Melbourne or San Francisco.

Join the team – Come work with us, get paid, and learn lots.

Have fun! – We’ll all have a blast.

Disclaimer – Make sure you check this one out.

Tips for Applying: Advice from current & past residents

1. Have a solid idea of what you want to do for your project with visuals to go along with it.
2. Be organized! Make sure you have a solid idea of how you want to approach your project (ie. time frame, number of illustrations, end goal etc.)
3. Be open about why you want to create a certain project, if it solves a problem, or how it benefits you and other artists.
4. Be honest about what you want to do in your residency and what you want to get from it, don’t just promise things that you think the company might like; be genuine in your video.
5. Be confident in your art and don’t be afraid to tell Redbubble about it!