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A Special Announcement from Redbubble

Some very exciting news from Redbubble HQ. On August 1, Redbubble co-founder Martin Hosking will retire as Chief Executive Officer. Current Chief Operating Officer Barry Newstead has been appointed the new CEO.

Congrats to both Martin and Barry!

Martin Hosking


Martin Hosking co-founded Redbubble in 2007 and has been CEO since 2010. He oversaw the company’s growth from humble beginnings to a thriving global marketplace of over 600k independent artists. Redbubble’s vibrant community of creatives have added millions of wildly diverse designs and brought endless amounts of creativity into the world. Beyond Martin’s dreams, artists have earned over 100 million dollars from every purchase made on Redbubble.

From Martin:

“I have been honoured to lead Redbubble since 2010, when I succeeded my co-founder Peter Styles. If we are to fully realise our vision, I believe now is the time for Barry to take the lead. He has proven to me that he is, quite literally, the best person for the job. Myself included.”

Barry Newstead

Barry Newstead has been pivotal to Redbubble’s success since 2013. He has crafted and fine-tuned the company’s business model and built teams that have worked hard to expand our super passionate community of artists, fulfillers, and customers into the incredible universe it is today.

From Barry:

“We have achieved so much under Martin’s inspired leadership who has been my closest colleague, mentor and friend. I am so grateful for his leadership. I am energised to serve artists, partners and employees to realise Redbubble’s mission to bring more creativity into the world. We have the potential to be a truly revolutionary community and I am deeply committed to realising the full potential of our mission.”

To our amazingly talented artist community, thank you for joining us as we embark on the next part of our story. We are and will always be committed to providing you with the best possible platform for you to create and share your inspirations with fans across the globe. Without you, Redbubble simply would not exist.

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