Trending Designs: Best of 2017

At the beginning of 2017, we saw a wave of design trends that flooded the internet with cute, kawaii designs, featuring unicorns, rainbows, and adorably happy foods. In March, we saw an explosion of art featuring solidarity, love, and support for those around the globe. One of the top tags for Instagram in 2017 was #love. Awww.

As the year progressed, we saw designs highlighting Memphis Design which brought to mind those bright and bold colors and designs from the 80’s. Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) also came on the scene, strolling in with fluffy slippers, a hot cup of cocoa, and all things cozy.  Perhaps to combat the urgent need to nap with Hygge design, we saw an upturn in art featuring our resilient and prickly friends – succulents and cactus.

Positive messages, fantasy and surreal art (escapism), and one soul-searching cat, these and more made our list of trending designs of 2017.

by Buko

by Ghostii

The Papercrane

by S2ray

by Fandomizedrose

by Josh Billings

by CatanaComics

by Revoltz

by Redqueenself

by Simon Stalenhag

by Obvian

by Tamaghosti

by RunCatRun

by Jaffajam

by AmyGrace

by Obinsun

by Saeiart

by AlexNoir

What art and design trends do you see as the stars of 2018? Discuss in the comments below.

(Header Art by Simon Stalenhag)

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