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Get Creative With These Interactive Websites

Inspiration comes in many forms, and often the best comes from procrastinating. In an article written by Prof. Adam Grant, he states that procrastination may encourage divergent thinking. This is great news for those creatives out there that might have been concerned about spending extra time surfing the web. Wasting a little bit of time online might be exactly what’s needed, and in order to keep the dawdling creative, we have a list of some fun interactive websites that can help you waste time in a productive way.


This interactive/generative website, relies on an award-winning brush to create beautiful and flowing art. There is a small selection of colors, that can be blended together, and the canvas can be mirrored and spiraled across the center. There is also the option to change the rotational symmetry to create more complex designs. Along with the website, Silk is also available as an iPhone and iPad app.


Created by Philipp Lenssen in 2008, Bomomo features 20 tools that help to create randomized marks on the canvas. Each tool can be controlled to a certain extent, and the colors are totally random. Finished projects can also be saved.


Inspired by some code in the Generative Design book, Ricardo Cabello aka Mr Doob created this unique drawing app. There is a variety of brushes, each with a different effect. Colors can be changed, and finished projects can be saved. Make sure to check the “About” link on the web app for some shortcuts.


Create some abstract art with this award-winning website. Using a brush or manipulating the 200 dots, immediate works of art can be created. Color palettes are limited to 10, and while the website does have some constraints, experience using the tools can lead to some exciting works. Finished designs can be saved, but keep in mind they are automatically added to the online gallery.


This feature rich drawing app is filled with a variety of tools and adjustments. You can even watch designs created by the community, with a unique playback feature. Users can create an account and not only download their designs at 2880 X 1514 px, but choose to keep the designs private or share with them the community.

Know of any other alternatives? Link to them in the comments below.

(Header Image: Weapons of Mass Construction by Mathiole)

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