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12 Podcasts for the Creatively Minded

Podcasts. Just what are podcasts? Sort of sounds like something you might find in a sci-fi horror movie, amiright? Podcasts are a (free!) radio-style music and talk shows and have quickly become a staple in daily life. Imagine being able to find a wide variety of interesting content and the freedom to listen to what you want, when you want, and how you want. With all the amazing content available, you’ll be able to find one (or maybe 12!) you love.

We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of finding the perfect podcast and created a diverse list from painting, to illustration, to media and marketing, and the artful business of creating. All to help you, the artist, do what you love: Create.

"Little Town" by shizayats

Creative Pep Talk – by Andy J. Miller, an illustrator with a background in graphic design. Andy’s speaks straight from the heart and his insightful show delivers a great experience through artist interviews, humor, and personal stories. Whether you’re just starting out or need inspiration to remove a creative block, this podcast is for you.

The Savvy Painter  – hosted by artist Antrese Wood features interviews with painters and illustrators. You’ll also find episodes on planning a gallery show, building relationships with collectors, mixed with personal stories from artists and advice on the business of art.

The Jealous Curator- Art For Your Ear -Danielle Krysa, aka The Jealous Curator, is the author of Creative Block, Collage, and Your Inner Critic is A Big Jerk. She is also the delightful host of Art for Your Ear, the podcast featuring “inside-scoop stories from the artsiest people” she knows.

"Audio Cassettes and Radios" by Yury Velikanov

Build a StoryBrand Podcast – by Donald Miller. Storytelling has been around for over 2,000 years. In this podcast, Donald Miller helps you learn how to tell the story of your own brand. Learn how to build a better business through your own personal stories.

The Compass – Hosted by actress Leah Walsh offers a guide for those times when you are struggling with work/life balance. If you ever feel like you’ve gone off course, The Compass is the podcast for you.

Creative Mornings – If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending a Creative Mornings event, not to worry. You’ll find an amazing amount of wisdom and inspiration in these talks from artists such as Moby and David Kelley.

"Playtime (B&W) 2" by FreshInkStain

The Deep End Design (The Deeply Graphic Designcast) – hosted by graphic designers Wes McDowell, Mikelle Morrison & Nick Longo are successful, fellow creatives who explore issues from business, creative to client. Their talks are chockfull of tips, trends and the working methodology behind it all.

Pencil vs Pixel – hosted by Cesar Contreras. Pencil vs Pixel is where “creation meets creators”. A resource for artists to share their personal experiences and connect with others.

ADVENTURES IN DESIGN – hosted by Mark Brickey is a daily morning talk show “for creatives just like you”. Although not always ‘on topic’, Mark hosts a variety of discussions designed to assist artists in following their creative dreams.

"CHIT CHAT" by JazzberryBlue

DesignMatters – Debbie Millman has been using her creative force for good since 2009. You’ll find interviews from artists, graphic designers, and leaders in the creative industry.

The #AskGaryVee Show – hosted Gary Vaynerchuk. If you find yourself in need of guidance through the often confusing world of social media, marketing, and freelancing then, Gary Vaynerchuk is your man. In podcast form.

The Busy Creator – withPrescott Perez-Fox & friends. The Busy Creator offers an entertaining talk full of terrific insights and loads of helpful tips. Listen to conversations on creative culture, workflow & productivity from industry leaders.

Share your favorite creative podcasts with us in the comments below.

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