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Redbubble Residency 2016: Meet the 10 Finalists

Our current crop of Redbubble Residents Fiona Skipper, George Rose, and Steve Leadbeater are wrapping up their tenures at our Melbourne HQ and they’re about to hit the town in the big Made in House exhibition/pop-up shop.

So now it’s time to vote for which 3 amazing artists will take their place. But before you choose your faves, get to know each of the 10 finalists.

Be sure to vote by following the link at the bottom of the page. You can vote once a day. Voting closes on Wednesday December 2 at 11.59pm (PST).


Art:tech is a self taught artist, illustrator, designer, motion graphic designer and drummer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who have been active contributing and supporting his local art scene since 2003.


“I am freelance illustrator from Struga, Macedonia. Im totally in love with art and that is a big part of my life.”


“The most important value in my work, but also in my life, is authenticity. I believe that nothing is more stimulating and inspiring than a life lived being consistent with your own nature, without playing a role or wearing a mask. I just try to be myself, with my simplicity, drawing my life through my experiences. That’s why I’m always looking for new things to learn, and I pursue the beauty of true things, authentic things.”


“My free flowing designs are a creative expression and insight into the way I see the world. For me, it’s about being free and having fun with art.”

Kelly Gilleran

“I’m a traditional media painter/illustrator currently residing in Colorado, collection features vintage-inspired food patterns and food pin-ups.”


“Life can be messy and stressful, so my work tends to come out as cute and quirky. I make myself happy while working and I hope the results make others happy as well.”

Ruta Dumalakaite

“I love to learn and explore new things. I know how hard is to be an independent artist, that you have to work way more than the usual person and I am not afraid of that because I love what I do and I will never change my profession. And I can’t afford being lazy.”


“I am a person who is always trying to understand the world visually. I strive to see shapes and colors that most do not. I am a visual person both during waking hours and in the dreamtime. I am an adventurer in dreamtime, always seeking a heightened sense of lucidity and vividness to bring back to my waking self.”


“My art explores the relationship between humans and nature, sustainability and horror. My main mediums are ink, digital media and as of this year, dead animal parts.”


“I believe that art is everywhere. Art is here to communicate with the entire world. I mainly illustrate animals, birds, trees, portraits, nature and the connection between human and every living creature.”

Vote for your 3 favorites right here. You can vote once a day until Wednesday December 2 at 11.59pm (PST).

[Header image: George Rose’s Desk by P1xels]

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