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Apply for the 2017 Redbubble Residency

Show us your stuff.

Redbubble Presents: Made in House SF + Mel 2016

5 artists. 2 shows. Lots of awesome work.

Featured Artist: Katie Crumpton

Stretching Colors with Tatyana Binovska

Learn how to blend and stretch colors while painting, with resident artist Tatyana Binovska

Featured Artist: Jose Ochoa

Everyone Should Draw (with Freeminds)

Learn to draw with Resident Artist, Freeminds.

Mixing Textures with MissKatz

Meet the New Redbubble Artists in Residence

Say hey to the 5 new artists setting up in Melbourne and San Francisco.

Redbubble Presents: Made in House 2016

3 artists. 6 months. 1 show. Lots of awesome work.

Redbubble Artists are Streaming Live on Twitch

Watch the magic happen in real time.

The Art of Drawing Letters with RB Resident Freshinkstain

Vote for the July 2016 Redbubble Artists in Residence

5 artists. 2 cities. Tell us who our roommates will be.

Follow Friday: Redbubble Resident Artists on Instagram

Artists with great 'gram game.

Color Ice Cream Cones with RB Resident Artist Kelly Gilleran

Color in some dessert designs with Resident Artist Kelly Gilleran

Apply to Be a Redbubble Artist in Residence

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Introducing 2016 Redbubble Residents

Time to meet the three Artists in Residence you voted for.

Made in House: A Photo Recap of the Residency Event

Our Artists In Residence Show Off Their Works

Last Chance to Vote for 2016 Redbubble Residents

Let your voice be heard.

Redbubble Residency 2016: Meet the 10 Finalists

We've narrowed down our list of potential artists in residence to ten, and you can help pick the finalists.

Vote for the Next Redbubble Artists in Residence

Decide who our next batch of roommates will be.

Redbubble Residency Presents: Made In House Pop-Up Shop

3 artists. 6 months. 1 show. Lots of awesome work.

Show Us Your Space: Redbubble Resident Artist George Rose

"...start sketching, it doesn't really matter what you're doing. So long as you start, then it kind of opens you up to more ideas."

Show Us Your Space: Redbubble Resident Artist Fiona Skipper

" realise that you're not extremely critical of everything everyone else makes, so the chances are that they're not really nitpicking everything you're doing either." 

Show Us Your Space: Redbubble Resident Artist Steve Leadbeater

"Life is funny, life is colourful, life is stupid, life spells things wrong. So what i'm trying to do with my work... is to make it available to everybody."