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How Twitch Casters are Selling Merch on Redbubble

Redbubble prides itself on standing for artists of all mediums from macrame to macaroni art, but one of the latest to hit Redubble is a trickier one. Twitch casters and Youtube personalities are turning to Redbubble to create merch and fan art products for their audiences. Some of the biggest names in gaming, including CupQuakeKittyPlaysGames, and AimzAtchu, all have Redbubble shops.

But how does a video star adapt their work for Redbubble products? Here’s a look at how three online casters are using Redbubble in creative ways.

Solicit fan art from your audience

The geeky/gamer/comics world has a culture of fan art, and viewers love the chance to engage with and support their favorite stars. Tap your audience as a resource and ask them to submit potential merch art. You may even want to host a contest offering a prize, in exchange you take ownership of the design and can use it for your products.

A great example is how gaming caster GoldenBlackHawk tapped art caster smaskvxn to help create art for his Redbubble shop.

Create art live and then add it to your account

If you can draw, make your audience part of your artistic process. Live stream your work in progress, then let all your viewers know that after the broadcast, they can find the piece on your Redbubble page.

Artist Iinnkone sketches live on his channel and then directs all his viewers to support him and find more of his work on Redbubble.

Offer tiered donation items

Many Twitch streamers rely on audience donations. Give your audience a chance to pay you and promote you at the same time by creating products with tiered pricing so donors can support you at different levels. Redbubble allows you to set different margins on each item, so you can give your audience lots of price points. The site’s easy uploader also means you can quickly put up and take down products, so consider limited edition stickers, seasonal stickers, or a special tee just for large donors.

Twitch caster SayNoToRage came up with a clever way to encourage donations by creating a whole series of stickers with special limited editions and large donor options.

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[Header image: “Fat Kitty” by KittyPlaysGames]

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