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5 Big Trends for the Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is here. It’s no longer breathing down our necks, it’s blowing cold air right in our faces. We just can’t ignore it.

To help make sure your shop is ready for the busy days ahead we’ve put together a list of some of the most sought after themes, styles, and products that have been popping up on our radar. These are the presents that the gift giving masses are most searching for during the holiday season. Supply and demand, ladies and gentlemen, it is a real thing and we here in RB Blog-land want to make sure your customers are able to easily find your high quality goods.

So here are five items from the RB community that are trending this year.

1. Hometown Pride

It’s no surprise that people like to rep where they’re from. That’s why people are always looking for that perfect gift for folks like their Aunt Sally who loves her motherland of Chicago. To show you some examples of what your fans might be into, we’ve included a wonderfully illustrated pillow by Sam Brewster of London, a beautifully colored map of Paris on a laptop skin by JazzberryBlue, and a Seattle landmark phone case by Jenny Tiffany. All of these artists include a variety of city inspired artworks round out their portfolio.

2. Astrological Signs

Whether you believe in them or not, everyone has a “sign.” We were all born somewhere between two dates giving us our place in the cosmos. All astrological signs alike can appreciate a personal gift and showing that you can remember when a loved ones’ birthday is always a big win. Here we’ve included a Taurus example by tanyabond, Leo by Amy Hamilton, and Aries by tracieandrews.

3. Clever Typography

People are out and about trying spread a little joy (or maybe even a little bah humbug sass) during the holidays. Witty words on a tote, case, or mug is a gift that will make them smile. These are the grounds that great gifting is built on. Check out these products by ayarti, RonanLynam, and Richard Morden for some word magic examples.

4. Sweater Patterns

These are clutch wardrobe choices for the days making up this festive season. Ugly Christmas sweaters in the t-shirt form are not so ugly. We’re thinking this is a treat yourself purchase for all the holiday cheermeisters out there. We’ve included some original knitwear inspired examples by Teo Zirinis, Cat Coquillette, and squidyes.

5. Specific Interests

Thoughtful gift givers are going to be searching the site considering their to-be-gifted’s interests and hobbies. We’ve included a musical iPad example by Terry Fan for all the record collectors out there, a photography lovers dream pillow by Manoou, and a spiffy golfers new favorite print by Jacques Maes. Don’t limit yourself to just these interests. Humans like to do all kinds of things.

For more tips on how to get your shop in order for the holiday season, check out this post.

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