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It’s easy to see why pizza is so inspiring. A heap of disparate ingredients all united as one atop a bed of cheese. Pizza is something we can all agree on (although toppings are still tough for getting consensus.)

Redbubble artists have strong, downright religious, feelings about this Italian treat. Though pizza is only one among her many junk food loves, artist Mais2 depicts pizza in its rightful place as a pyramid of power. In artist Brettisagirl‘s dreamy teenage fantasy pieces, soft grunge girls gossip over slices. While MarianMachismo peppers her cheese, sauce, and dough with pen and ink

Whether you’re a margherita traditionalist or one of those total freaks who think pineapple is a topping, there’s a pie on Redbubble that’s just your taste.

From around the web:

"Pizza Pattern" by Kelly Gilleran (Photo by @kattsnelly)

"Pizza Pattern" by geothebio (Photo by @viliqq)

Featured pizza artists:

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