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Redbubble is 7, So Let’s Celebrate with a Mr. Baxter Doll Giveaway

At 7 you start to matter. You’re no longer a baby, you’ve started school, you’re making friends, you’re making your own choices, and if you’re Mozart, you’ve composed a symphony or two.

And so it is with Redbubble. On February 2, 2007, RB took its first orders. A few months later we hired Mr. Baxter in one of his many roles. For those unfamiliar, Mr. Baxter has been hanging about RB offices since he started assuming various titles including: “Chief Officer of Giving You Good News,” “Assistant Deputy Director of Parcel Tapes,” “Executive Sender of Emails and Chief Pencil Sharpener,” and much more. What’s the phrase, Jack of all trades master of none? He’s an RB institution and whether he’s been promoted or shunted between supervisors is not clear.

"Even in the wilderness it's important to be dapper." (Photo by: Troy Evans)

To celebrate our birthday, we’re giving away 7 handmade Mr. Baxter dolls made by the very talented Lily McDonnell to subscribers to the Blog. Rumour is, Mr. Baxter took a few weeks sick leave to help Lily stitch these together.

"Some people say the family likeness is startling, but I can't see it myself." (Photo by: Troy Evans)

To enter, you need to subscribe to the blog by 11:59pm (PT) on February 7, at which point Mr. Baxter will be randomly picking the 7 winners. To subscribe all you need to do is CLICK HERE.

And while you are contemplating the joy of owning your own, limited Mr. Baxter doll, let’s have a little wander down memory lane as to how Redbubble has looked over the years.

"Hanging with the doorbell. It's totally a British thing to do." (Photo by: Troy Evans)

2007 (take one):

2007 (never launched)

Firstly, we have an example of graphic over-reach. This was the original design that was never launched for reasons of technical impossibility.

2007 (take two):


At launch we were in stylish Melbourne black and there was so much wet paint on the site that people came back just to see the daily changes.



By the time of our first birthday, T-shirts were launched, we also just released our first book (which nobody bought) and even gift certificates were possible. We had also reverted to a subtler grey.



When we were 2 we started getting huger than huge and there were more than enough images for the awesome PAX endless mosaic. Does anyone have a screen shot of that that they can share?



At 3, as the decade ended we had reverted to the simplicity of the age but were still trying tag lines – this one changed almost daily.



As we rolled into 2011, our site’s home page was disappearing faster than fast.



At 5 years old, we were preparing for a re-launch, but there was little to show on the site itself.



And this is RB just last year, the new vastness and the wonderful new branding on full display.


And now for a selfie as we are now.


And we’re now fully mobile as well.

2014 (mobile)

Thank you all for 7 wonderful years. Here’s to many more.

"Birthdays are a time for reflection." (Photo by: Troy Evans)

Don’t forgot to join the mailing list HERE for your chance to win one of 7 Mr. Baxter dolls.

Click here to read the official rules.

And see more of Lily McDonnell’s plush toys here.