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Featured Artist: Ghastly

We think “ghastly” is a pretty strong adjective, but there is certainly something eerie about the work of 20-year-old Brazilian photographer, Louise Leppard. On RB, Leppard goes by the spooky pseudonym, and enjoys herself most when freaking us out with her unearthly, enchanting and sometimes downright disturbing imagery.

Whereas a B-grade movie maker might choose the blunt instruments of violence or horror to shock viewers, Leppard’s work is somewhat more sublime. Check out ‘Private Prison’, ‘Premonition’ or even ‘blck rck’ for a taste of this feeling. Of course, it’s not all unspoken ghouls. Much of Leppard’s imagery is serene and beautiful, like her ‘Nature’ series, or understated like ‘Fim’.

Ghastly first became interested in photography when she got her first digital camera at the tender age of 15. Since then, she has also discovered scanography and has set about composing yet more freaky and beautiful takes in this unusual medium. Louise Leppard describes her own art as experimental. No arguments here: We’re just keen to see the next experiments from this highly innovative and talented photographer.