Oh, Deer! Feast Your Eyes on this Lovely Collection of Fine Does & Bucks

If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that cats are forever and there’s over 40 different species of deer. It is impossible to know how many are on the earth at any one time (estimates range between 7.3 billion and 5, but we think it might be somewhere in between).¬†Does, and bucks make for excellent illustrative subjects, as captured by our community of deer-loving RB artists who’ve turned the seemingly docile and forest dwelling beings into dynamic works of art.

Bonus points have been awarded for the oh-so-glorious pun-filled titles.

"Dear Friends" by Sophie Corrigan

"The Clearing" by nic squirrell

"Red Deer" by Amy Hamilton

"Stag Party" by Scott Simpson


"DEER BIRDY" by TheLoveShop

"AN IDeer" by AlexanderNero

"Robodeer3000" by Mirth

"My Wild Side" by Alice in Underland

"Stag" by Ethan Harris

What are your favorite deer artworks on RB? Who’s striking stag has caught your eye? Please share in the comments below.¬†