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Featured Artist: Terry Fan


If art is truly a reflection of one’s surrounds, then Terry Fan must have one heck of a moon tan. Much of Fan’s art seems so strongly inspired by hazy, moonlit nights that you might wonder if he’s ever up during the day time. This nocturnal ambience is expertly laid over the surreal: a rugged up abominable snowman, glowing jelly bears loitering in the forest or a whale lazily swimming by a cumulonimbus.

Not surprisingly, Fan has been recruited for the illustration of children’s books (a match seemingly made in heaven). He has also extended his creative talents as far as graphic novels, album cover art and even screen writing. Aside from his expertise in lighting the unbelievable with some very believable night lighting, the artist’s line work and attention to detail underpin a truly attractive portfolio. The final product is fresh, moody and quite often pretty quirky. Ink and graphite are used extensively in tandem with colouring in Photoshop.

Fan studied Art and Design at the University of Toronto, the city where he currently resides. Better turn away now: Spend too long looking at this portfolio of dreamscapes and the next full moon will conjure up hallucinations of whales and elephants aloft amongst the clouds.