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8 Free Hand-Drawn Fonts to Help You Master Typography

Welcome to Typography Week on the Redbubble Blog. This week, we’re paying tribute to all things letters with roundups, tips, interviews, and more to give both lovers and makers of typography a super dose of text-based awesomeness.

There are a plethora of fonts free to download online. Often when looking for a perfect typeface to create typography, it requires hours of scrolling through pages to find just one. Below is a collection of beautiful and interesting typefaces that are either hand-drawn, or have been created to look hand-drawn. There is something simple and charming about leaving a human mark on our fonts, which results in truly unique typeface.

You can click on any image of the fonts below to be taken to their free download page. If you have any favorite fonts you’ve downloaded, let us know in the comments below.

1. Nexa Rust

"Nexa Rust" by FontFabric

Nexa Rust is a super bold, hand-sketched font made by typography group FontFabric. FontFabric is the typography foundry by Svetoslav Simov, a designer from Sofia, Bulgaria. Nexa Rust is great for splashy, attention grabbing headings and comes in both upper and lower cases so it doesn’t have to read like you’re shouting all the time.

2. Amatic SC

Amatic SC by New Typography designer Vernon Adams

Amatic SC is a slender typeface created by Vernon Adams. This hand-drawn type is delicate and slender and weirdly looks cuter and cuter the smaller it is. Perfect for quirky, longer blocks of text.

3. Grutch Shaded

Grutch Shaded by Steeve Gruson

Grutch Shaded looks like the kind of typeface born from the weather-worn pages of a well-loved notebook. Grutch Shaded has been created by designer Steeve Gruson which features textural pencil shading and an imperfectly-perfect hand-drawn punctuation which exude character.

4. Thurston

Thurston by Eric Wiryanata

Badly done hand-drawn fonts often end up looking too clean, as if they could have been made without the beautiful touch of the human hand. Thurston by Eric Wiryanata doesn’t have this problem, in fact Eric has struck that perfect balance of style and legibility while keeping faithful to the hand-made aesthetic.

5. Mathlete

Mathlete by Mattox Designs

Mathlete by Mattox Designs is perfect for image banners, promo pics, or anytime you want to share something about your artwork on social media and need it to be super easy to read. Mathlete stylishly uses fine lines and hand-sketched lettering to create this typeface that looks like what I wish my handwriting looked like all the time.

6. Lemonade

Lemonade Font by R Lauren Design

Lemonade by R Lauren Design elevates hand-drawn type out of our notebooks and into an entirely new elegant space. Perfect for anything from invitations to exhibition openings to thank you card designs. Lemonade demonstrates that hand-drawn typefaces can be clean and professional.

7. Scribble Box Font

Scribble Box Font by KC Fonts

Scribble Box Font by typographers at KC Fonts is a very cool, very demanding font. KC Fonts have created a plethora of weighty and incredibly creative typefaces which, like Scribble Box, have a huge personality. If you’re after a loud font to say a lot in a few short words, Scribble Box is perfection.

8. No Consequence

No Consequence by Jakob Fischer

No Consequence by Jakob Fischer is a less refined but nonetheless interesting hand-drawn typeface. Made to look like a permanent marker has been used to make a yard sale sign, I think Fischer has achieved something quite hard in design, which is to make the authentic real experience of texta marks look genuine when they’re reproduced in font form. It’s rough and ready and a refreshing new font.


[Header image: “School Education” by veverka]

Do you have any favorite free, downloadable fonts? Please share them in the comments below.