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Webcomic Rips Into People Who Rip Into People Who Photograph Everything

This comic has been making the rounds over the weekend, but xkcd has come to the defense of compulsive photographers the world ’round with “Photos.”

And it kind of has me torn: on the one hand, yes, I agree that we shouldn’t be dictating how other’s take in their experiences, as though there is some “right” way to encounter life. And there’s definitely something to be said for the process of documenting/photographing something as an experience in and of itself.

Warning: NSFW language

We have do research which suggests that this kind of photo-philia (that can’t be right) actually impacts the way our memories work. Which is to say, we might remember the process of photographing a thing, even as our memories of the thing itself is terribly imperfect.

But, you know, whatever’s clever – if it brings you pleasure to do so, then go for it. I’m gonna be over here not taking terrible pictures of my McRib.

"Travel" by taszyn

[Source: xkcd]

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