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3D Applications and Addons for Digital Artists

3-Dimensional art, and digital art featuring 3D elements, is becoming an art trend to watch for in 2018. Along with the introduction to more powerful 3D tools and downloadable content for Adobe Photoshop, incorporating 3D elements into your art has never been easier. For all those artists looking to supercharge their art, or just make 3D sweets to stare at, this list of applications and addons are a great place to start. 3D donuts are now just a touch away.


This free and open source creation suite, can do everything in the 3D pipeline. Modeling, animation, rendering, video editing, motion tracking, game creation and much more. Along with being a powerful 3D application, there is a passionate community, free tutorials, and the ability to contribute to the development or even become and certified trainer. Available for Win, OSX, Linux, and Steam.

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Originally started as a source for Poser content, Daz3D now offers software such as; DazStudio their free rendering and animation program, and Hexagon their free modeling software. They also have an immense content library where you can buy models, textures, and much more.

Many artists not only use DazStudio for rendering 3D content they can add to their digital works, but also as a figure reference application as the models are easy to pose and come with many preset poses.



Created by the team that made the industry standard digital sculpting app Zbrush, Sculptris allows beginners and pros alike to create 3D models, add materials, paint, and even export them for use in other programs. With it’s scaled down interface, this is an immersive and unique way to create 3D models. Available for Win/OSX. 

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A digital sculpting app similar to Zbrush/Sculptris, Forger is designed to be used for iOS/iPAD devices. It offers pressure sensitivity, and like most of the programs in this list, it allows for exporting 3D objects to use in your other projects.

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This browser based 3D modeling software, features a simple user interface and allows for models to be creates, shared, imported, and exported. The free version does not allow for commercial projects, however you can get a full license by paying with a Facebook or Twitter share. There is also a learning center to get your started.

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