Tattoo Artworks that Would Look Good on Both Paper and Skin (and shirts and cases and stickers)

This collection of Redbubble artists have a keen eye for art that would look good both on paper and on skin. Designed with tattoos in mind, or as reminders of tattoos that already exist out there somewhere, these designs have been made with serious skill. You can check out the descriptions and details of these tattoo designs by clicking on each artwork below.

"Inked" by rebecca-miller

"Rock and Gore" by electrictees

"Far and Wide" by Eric Fan

"Koi t-shirt" by Angelique Moselle Price

"Lie To Me" by ianleino

"John Sketch" by Delaney Owens

"Jumping Teds, Shrunken Heads and Punk Co-eds" by Chris Wahl

"Koi" by bodiehartley

"Love" by tonivee

What are some of your favorite tattoo designs on RB? Share them in the comments below.