We Have a Crush on this Collection of Illustrated Mixtapes

Remember when you needed a pencil so you could wind your pulled out tape back together? We do, which is why we created a collection of mixtape homages by some of RB’s most nostalgic artists. This collection is for the innately sentimental, those that remember playing a tape so many times that it began to break down and warp (I listened to my “Best of the Beach Boys” until the warbling went sour). Go back to a time when every romance was sparked by a killer analog mix of love songs recorded from FM radio and enjoy this mix of mixtape art.

"Back in the Day" by BootsBoots

"The death of the cassette tape" by Rob Price

"mixed up mix tapes" by nicholasdamen

"Music retro black cassette and tape heart shaped" by Andreka

"i miss cassettes" by benemac

"Like a Rare B-Side" by Ron Davey

"I love this Mixtape" by no-doubt

"Blaster Shaz" by fixtape

"Be kind" by MsMiscellaneous

"Mix Tape" by CigniaDesign

Do you remember that mixtape that changed your life? Do you have any favorite mixtape artwork on RB? We’d love to hear about it or see it in the comments below.