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This Video is the Perfect Representation of the Creative Process

“Process” by art collective¬†Pluto lays out all the madness that takes over when an artist in the midst of a creative sprint. The video perfectly captures the violent, scary, lonely, surreal, confusing, and most of all, sloppy process that some of us find ourselves in while creating our latest works.

Here’s what Pluto has to say on their Vimeo page:

“A short about what’s inside a man’s head while going thru the “process” of ideation and creation. Combining the editorial of a range of elements including RED footage, CG, Mograph, and sound design.”

Whether you’re an illustrator, designer, painter, photographer, writer, or anything, and you’ve been stuck in your own head while trying to get over that “wall” that’s holding you back, you’ll find some part of this video relatable.

[Source: Laughing Squid]

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